PT0116: Title: Florenza


Size: 12x12in (square)

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


About the Work:

The Florenza inspired by the chinese art, artist embraces the natural beauty of flowers.

About the Artist:

Shwet Goel is a Jaipur based artist known for his abstract works and alluring color schemes. His paintings are a flawless blend of creativity with skills.

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Shipping in India

MITYAA currently offers shipping of rolled paintings of size bigger than 24”x24” all over India. We work with partners like Blue Dart, DHL or similar reputed names.

Delivery Charges

Free shipping on all products within India.

Delivery Time
The normal shipping time is 7 to 10 days.

Order Tracking

Once the order has left the warehouse, a tracking number will be shared on your registered email with details of the shipping tracking number. Online tracking generally activates 24 – 48 hours post shipping.



We package all our shipments using best in class packaging material suitable for paintings to prevent damage and moisture during transit.

For the painting’s bigger than 24”x24” we use

  • A sheet of butter paper is placed over the painting before rolling it.
  • A thin sheet of plastic wrap is used to cover to protect against moisture.
  • Finally, its packed in a tube as shown in the image below.

Care for Paintings

Do not keep the painting rolled in the packaging tube for longer periods. If kept in the tube for long the painting might develop cracks. Get it streched on a strecher or frame it as soon as possible. Also, do not put glass over the canvas since the canvas needs to breathe and with glass moisture might get trapped inside the frame.


General for Wall Art

  • Don’t keep the artworks in the packaging tube for long. Cracks might appear if they are kept rolled.
  • Keep them flat and ensure two paint surfaces don’t touching each other if two paintings are placed over each other.
  • Keep your artworks out of direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Use a soft rag, muslin cloth or a soft hair paint brush to dust your artworks to prevent dust buildup. Don’t use any cleaning solvents or water.
  • Wrap your artwork well if you plan to transport it. Hold the painting from the bottom. For mid to big size paintings two people holding is desirable.
  • If your artwork gets damaged, don’t fix it yourself. Get in touch with restoration artists.

Canvas Wall Art

  • Do not frame artworks on canvas under glass because canvas needs to breathe. If framed under glass, moisture may get trapped inside the frame.
  • For mid to large paintings do have extra supporting stretcher bars within the main frame. This gives extra support and avoids the frame to get twisted over time. Twisted stretcher can develop cracks in the artwork.

Artworks on Paper

  • Frame artworks on paper with non-glare glass. This not only protects your artwork from sunlight and dust but makes it easier to see the artwork surface when displayed.
  • The mat and backing of your frame should be made of acid free paper and finished with acid free tape. This is to avoid any moisture reaching your painting and damaging it.


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