Guide: Selecting the Right Painting for Your Place

Art is an important element for an area, it adds an attitude thereto. Painting has been a part of décor for hundreds of years and has become more popular over a previous couple of decades and more and more people are buying wonderful pieces for their home. A room with bare walls always lacks excitement and feels incomplete. Regardless of how stunning the inside furnishings of your home is, without an artwork, it feels unfinished. If you're struggling to select the right piece for your home, consider these things:

Find Your Interest

The first and most vital thing is to understand your interest. It's presumably that you simply don’t even know what painting style attracts you. Don't worry, explore some artworks online, and see what resembles your taste and goes together with your energy. Once you're clear about what quite painting you'll like, it'll offer you direction for the type of art you ought to search for. It is important to know what you would like to urge out of the painting you select for your home. Are you getting to use art to precise your personality? You're buying the painting just because you're keen on art and need some in your home? Are you using the art to hide some issues with the wall (it happens sometimes)? you would like it to feature an aesthetic touch to your place? Etc. Always begin by taking the time to assess your style and to understand your purpose.

Style and Theme

Select a painting that matches the design and theme of the place. For instance, a heritage painting or painting with a standard style is going to be wise for the place that features a vintage look with antique décor. Ethnic theme-based paintings like Miniature Paintings and Mythological Paintings are compatible with a culturally styled space. Abstract and Surreal paintings would go perfect in a space with contemporary furniture. Painting with a sensible theme will look great in a minimalistic room. Before buying a painting, it's important to stay the design and theme of the inside in mind, to make sure that the painting mingles with the surroundings. You can also experiment with the design by mingling different styles and themes. It completely depends on what appeals to you.

Size / Space Optimization

Most of the people fail or get confused when it involves space optimization. Sometimes, the aspect of size is usually neglected or not even considered. As we all know the larger pieces of art are costlier, but it’s well worth the expense to reinforce the looks of your space. For proper space optimization, the painting should be in proportion to the space available. Having an oversized painting will look odd. If there's a vertical wall with narrow space, at the entryway of the front room, space is often crammed with a slender and vertical painting. For stretched horizontal walls, space is often crammed with one horizontal painting or several paintings kept apart at a perfect distance. Panels are an excellent thanks to filling an area and it breaks up the pattern only enough to bring the attention to the artwork. Keeping the precise measurements in mind, search for a bit that suits your requirements.


One of the foremost important things to think about while buying artwork is money. Decide what proportion you would like to spend on a painting. And it's advisable to always have an additional margin in your budget. Sometimes you'll like an artwork that seems to fall out of your budget but is strictly what you're trying to find. For situations like this, you ought to have an additional margin in your budget. If spending a bit more can get you a masterpiece of your wish, just pip out. It’s well worth the expense to feature grace to your space.

Color Scheme

People often attempt to find something that matches with the colors they have already got within the room. Sometimes it’s a wonderfully acceptable method for selecting art, but it isn't the sole one. In some cases, the colors within the painting you select are often opposite of what you have already got in your room or some cases; only black and white artworks can do wonders. What matters most is that you simply find something that compliments the space. Don’t concern an excessive amount of about matching colors. Search for an artwork that appeals to you.

Final Words

Selecting the proper painting for your home should be fun and stress-free. Decide if you would like the artwork to easily complement the space or stand out as a focus. Confirm that you’ve measured the space you would like to hold it in. A painting is sort of a mirror to the soul, it’s a mirrored image of our personality. Find an artwork you genuinely connect with and love. What are you waiting for? Art should be in every home, and painting in your front room or bedroom is a superb start.

By- Shreya Patodia
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